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US College Prep Camp

Learn the components of a strong US college application portfolio and skills you need to successfully apply to a university in the United States. Our college prep camp brings you unparalleled expertise from coaches hailing from the top Ivy League schools. With their insider knowledge and experience, they will provide you with the tools, strategies, and insider tips you need to maximize your chances of acceptance.

Key Learning Points
Setting a timeline for your US college application

Making a list of schools, and choosing the perfect US college for you

Effective essay writing, brainstorming, and research

Building your resume and activities

Preparing for college interviews

Gaining strong recommendation letters

College entrance tests and scores

Grades and extra curriculars
Camp Activities
Orientation session for parents and students

Research, brainstorming, and essay writing drills

Resume building practice

Timeline setting, and school listing
Duration, Time Zone, and Venue
5-day camp, 2 hours per day

GMT+8, Singapore Time Zone

Online |Zoom
Recommended age group
This camp is recommended for 15-17 year olds. However, you are encouraged to strengthen your application portfolio as early as possible.
Ivy Leage Coach <br/> Brown University

About the Speaker

Maria Ivoditova

Ivy Leage Coach
Brown University

Maria Ivoditova is an accomplished individual who has excelled in education, community engagement, public speaking, and research. She is a distinguished member of Brown University, an Ivy League school in the US, where she was accepted into her first-choice program, highlighting her exceptional academic prowess and determination.

Maria's dedication to giving back is evident through her active involvement in volunteer programs and advocacies. She has made a positive impact in the lives of others by investing her time and skills, developing a deep understanding of diverse populations and forging meaningful connections.

As a top Canadian national public speaker, Maria captivates audiences with her eloquent oratory skills and powerful messages. Her ability to convey ideas clearly has earned her the title of World Champion in Public Speaking, establishing her as an exceptional communicator.

Maria's research abilities are unparalleled, driven by her commitment to acquiring knowledge and finding innovative solutions to complex problems. Her meticulous approach and analytical mindset have propelled her success in academia, enabling her to offer insightful perspectives in various research endeavors.

Furthermore, Maria possesses invaluable expertise in the college application process, understanding the intricacies and strategies for creating outstanding applications. With firsthand experience navigating competitive admissions, she guides and mentors aspiring students, helping them craft compelling applications that stand out.

Driven, ambitious, and well-rounded, Maria Ivoditova continues to make remarkable contributions in education, community engagement, public speaking, research, and college admissions. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with her exceptional skills and experiences, positions her as a prominent figure in these fields. Maria serves as an inspiring role model for individuals aspiring to make a positive impact and leave their mark on society.