Our flagship competitions serve as milestone markers for achievement and growth, where you will have the opportunity to benchmark their performance against peers and learn from their successes and challenges. EduDrift competitions also give you the chance to access expert guidance from guest judges, panelists, and speakers.

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EduDrift-hosted events are known for featuring action-packed competitions with guest judges and speakers who are internationally acclaimed in the sport of debating and public speaking, a competitive pool of participants coming from various parts of the world make EduDrift competitions even more exciting and challenging to delegates attending.

Build your CV
Gain valuable experiences and your CV with achievements that give you a competitive edge in your academic and professional pursuits.
Gain international recognition
Receive international recognition for your exceptional abilities with prestigious awards endorsed by EduDrift and supporting partners. These accolades provide valuable validation for your outstanding achievements and place you in the global spotlight.
Access expert mentorship
Learn from top-notch talents from experts that are regularly invited as guests to EduDrift events.
Get ahead
Be exposed to wider horizons and develop what it takes to succeed in your educational and professional goals.