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Public Speaking Workshop for Beginners to Intermediates

Unlock the power of effective communication and captivate your audience with our dynamic public speaking workshop. Gain confidence, master persuasive techniques, and deliver impactful speeches that leave a lasting impression.

Key Learning Points
The fundamentals of public speaking

Choosing the perfect piece for Interpretive Reading

Transforming your ideas into an Impromptu Speech within 5 minutes

Choosing the best topic to discuss in a Persuasive Speech

Enunciation and the importance of not rushing through your words
Workshop Activities
Training your mouth muscles

Twister challenge

Speech recital
Duration, Time Zone, and Venue
120-minute session

GMT+8, Singapore Time Zone

Online | Zoom
Recommended Age Group
7-12 years
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Beginner to Intermediate

Public Speaking Workshop

Led by one of our internationally renowned coaches, this workshop aims to provide participants with the essential foundational knowledge required to excel in public speaking. Embracing this invaluable skill can lead to personal and professional growth, enabling individuals to express themselves effectively, develop a diplomatic attitude, and succeed in various aspects of their lives. This workshop provides an immersive and interactive experience for individuals who wish to develop their technical prowess and deliver compelling speeches.

During the enriching session, you will be taught to:
- Optimize impromptu rounds: Discover how to make the most of your five minutes of preparation time, ensuring that you deliver a well-structured and impactful speech even when given limited notice.:
- Overcome nervousness and stage fright: Learn how to manage anxiety and channel your energy positively, enabling you to exude confidence and deliver your message with poise.:
- Cultivate audience engagement: Conquer the challenge of capturing and maintaining the attention of your listeners, while fostering an environment that encourages active participation.:
- Speak and persuade any crowd: Acquire the techniques and strategies to captivate and influence audiences of all sizes, whether it be in formal presentations, discussions, or everyday conversations.

During the workshop, you will engage in numerous activities with your cohort to practice and apply your newly aquired knowledge.